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The Pembroke DEI Committee Meets Monday, 2/28, 7 pm


Videos of the Pembroke Rising Kickoff Event, Feb. 11, can be viewed on the Video Page.

Plymouth schools looking to hire coordinator for diversity, equity and inclusion.
Another town falls to the woke mob and will soon be dealing with a wave of cultural/social/educational misery, setting people against people, turning people into spies, and fostering a culture of cancellation and doxxing. This will soon be knocking on Pembroke's door. Count on it. But it will meet a wall. We are the wall.

The Town Warrant opens on February 7, 2022 and closes on February 18, 2022. Pembroke Rising seeks to have placed on before the May Town Meeting a petition to change the Pembroke Bylaws with respect to Recalls of elected officials. As of now, the signatures of 20% of Pembroke residents are required, gathered in a two week period from the date of filing, for the item to be placed on a ballot for a Recall Election. 40% of the registered voters must actually turn out to vote for the election to be a valid election. We believe this is an unfair tamping down of accountability to Pembroke residents.  


Parents Defending Education filed legal suit against their Wellesley public school district over ‘racial segregation’ and ‘speech codes.’ the lawsuit argues that “treating students ‘solely as members of a racial group is fundamentally at cross purposes’ with the goal ‘that students see fellow students as individuals rather than solely as members of a racial group.’ Racial segregation ’demea[ns] the dignity and worth of a person.’ For more information go here

There's a wave! Grassroots activist groups are popping up all over the South Shore. This is great news and indication of a 2022 pushback against government overreach and woke ideology. But with all the local activities happening, it's mission critical to network and benefit from best practices and lessons learned. The South Shore Grassroots Alliance is filling that niche. On Thursday, January 6, at Emerald Hall in Abington, 300 activists met to learn, grow, connect, and be inspired for the year ahead. Wendy Happel and Jennifer MacLeod are key people in this effort, an initiative that is just in its beginning stages. The highlight of the evening was stories told. So many are doing so much, learning so much. This isn't just information. It's drama, stories of courage, loss, endurance, and the power of hope, faith, and love. Ultimately, the message was "YOU ARE NOT ALONE."


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