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Election Campaign



Pembroke Rising has its genesis in the summer of 2021. It was then that it became apparent that some on the Select Board were importing national leftist ideologies into local town government and affairs. The myth is that town elections are nonpartisan. While there might not be an R or D behind a candidate’s name on the ballot, the reality remains that Pembroke has a center-right history which some seek to move more and more to the left. With the Select Board’s decision to create a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee in resistance to the counsel of the Town Meeting not to do so, it became apparent that a grassroots movement to protect our history and values became necessary. Pembroke Rising is that grassroots movement - identifiable, present, and unyielding in its reliance upon the wisdom imparted to us through over three centuries of trials and tribulations that shaped a flourishing town with a future.
                                    MISSION & OBJECTIVES
Our Mission: Pembroke Rising is a positive nonpartisan movement giving a voice and a network to Pembroke residents who support historical American ideals and to families who value the future of their children.
Our Objectives:
TO Provide a voice and a network for residents of Pembroke who support its historical American values
TO ENCOURAGE the support of candidates for elected boards and committees who value the American ideals  of equal opportunity and equal protection under the law and who strive to understand true and accurate history of our country and our town.
TO RECALL Select Board members and other elected officials who support leftist ideologies and hate from the Left or the Right when their ideological sway interferes with prudence in town affairs.
TO RAISE awareness of DEI/CRT issues through educational events and resources.
TO PROTECT Pembroke schools from social justice movements/wokeism that infringe upon their educational mission and to engage and support School Committee members and school administrators who share this concern.
TO ASSIST and comfort Pembroke residents who are doxxed while exercising their First Amendment Rights.
TO REVISE town bylaws that make it unjustly difficulty for residents to recall elected official who fail in their duties and responsibilities to the people who elected them.
TO PROMOTE the idea that Pembroke is a safe haven for people who believe in the First Amendment to the Constitution where people are allowed to freely speak their minds without fear of reprisal.
TO INFORM voters of actions for Pembroke governing bodies that affect income, living costs, education, and social interaction.

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